Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Pipe Break in Normal, IL

The furnace failed in this home and the water lines broke during extreme weather conditions. By the time the customer discovered what had happened the damage w... READ MORE

Upstairs Bathroom Overflow

This home in Towanda, Illinois had a toilet overflow in the upstairs bathroom. They called us immediately and we directed the homeowners to contact a plumber to... READ MORE

Daycare Water Problem

A central Illinois daycare had to close there doors for a couple of days in order for us to contain this water loss. The daycare had water damage in a main play... READ MORE

Standing Water

This central Illinois home had one room on the back side of their house that ended up having a lot of standing water after a water leak. The homeowners called u... READ MORE

Water Soaked Carpet

During a recent string of rainy days in central Illinois, the basement family room in this home located in Gibson City had water damage to the carpet. The water... READ MORE

Normal Bank Gets Water Deposit

A bank in Normal, Illinois had an unexpected deposit of water in one of the main conference rooms. This particular conference room is used everyday for various ... READ MORE